What does the app design consist of?

Interaction between two parties in any lawful encounter should be peaceful through court proceeding or a ticket, in order for each party to feel comfortable around one another.

We would like to create an app that users on all ends of a police encounter can use in order to help police officers, attorneys, or civilian deescalate and matters and resolve matter through court or on the spot, with both parties going home with peace. The goals of this platform are to:

  1. Figure out a way to come together and peacefully resolve, a way to constructively investigate or provide justice to either party civilly through law
  2. Assist with the global pandemic and system issues that minorities face
  3. Buying the time necessary so no one jumps to conclusions, allowing for all parties to think through process or encounter logically and lawfully 
  4. Praise and accolade police who do well and are a positive influence in society

Police Man

This app will include the following:

    • A rating system
    • Allow for info exchange of police/client before a direct encounter
    • Attorney assistance
    • Surveillance between outside of the incident (traffic cams, etc.)
    • Access to ambulance
    • Contact to the following:
    • ACLU to provide assistance
    • Parents/guardians of underage clients
    • Necessary social workers/psychologists
    • Mental health support

The court room

Police review board

How do we build community?