Everyone deserves
a good encounter

The Challenge

Americans and other citizens of the world are currently living in an era of greater division, polarity, extremism and disparities than ever before. Current events in the news and countless statistics highlight everyday injustices committed against innocent people simply because of prejudice and discrimination on any number of fronts. (Try App) MIT Solve

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In American society, these injustices include the very same categories for which the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission federal laws were designed to protect – freedom of basic human civil rights regardless of race, ethnicity or national origin, religion, age, disability or genetic information, gender identity and/or sexual orientation. Yet despite these laws, and because of (partial) enforcement required only in the workplace, discrimination and harassment of citizens occurs blatantly and rampantly, particularly among persons of color in the United States. Depending upon one’s geography in other parts of the world, any number of factors may contribute to the violation and/or perpetuation of human rights and abuse.


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The Vision

Imagine a future in which technology can be used for the betterment of our society, for preventing discrimination, injustice, senseless killing, wrongful imprisonment and/or human civil rights abuse(s). What if there was a way to create an incentive for doing what’s right by the law to protect citizens, as well as law enforcement, with a means of providing checks and balances on power that holds everyone accountable for their actions? What if that same system of checks and balances could be applied to other parts of the world so that human suffering could be avoided?

The Plan

We would like to propose an integrated technology application that will prevent civil rights abuse(s) and provide due process of law for anyone who is unjustly detained or stopped by law enforcement. This community ‘app’ (GoVia:Community Police Safety App) simultaneously will improve police job performance in tandem with the community, better protect police officers as well, and provide new employment opportunities for others who wish to promote the common good of our society.

Initial Costs

Seed/start-up costs of $500,000 is a conservative estimate to cover: the protection of this intellectual property and patent filing (legal), regular business start-up tasks (including strategic collaborative partnerships for market launch) and beginning the actual design of the app (R&D, technology development. This is a complex app with multiple components and linkages.) This also would include, but is not limited to, encryption for cybersecurity.

Why Now?

Given the current political environment and national spotlight on the number of consent decrees issued by the Department of Justice across police departments throughout the country, the best time to gain both investor and consumer buy-in is now. There is no other app like this. But the speed of today’s emerging technologies requires no delay. Also, once the development of this app goes ‘live’, there are entire industries and competing business powers that would not wish for this type of change to be seen in the world. (Similar to the current U.S. healthcare system, there is a disincentive towards wellness in favor of economic entities profiting from the illness of others.)

The Call to Action

This app is so important to advancing the cause of civil rights in keeping with the times. If you had a chance to be a part of something that would reduce police profiling and brutality, reduce arrests and halt the prison pipeline, what is it worth to you so that we all could get along?

To become a part of the solution, you are being asked to:

Contribute financially towards seeding the start-up cost of launching this app

Provide an introduction to other contacts that would invest or donate to this development.

W. Scott Ramsey Esq Criminal Defense Attorney

Professor Lewis Katz (Case Western Reserve University School of Law)

How to use
Rate the encounter and get mental health support in real time.

Here is how it works…

Both parties now can have the assistance they need in real time. Let’s protect both parties equally.

GoVia – Stop-to-Arrest

Let’s start from the top. If you were pulled over by the police you should know your rights. You should also be polite and ready to provide information. This App gives you time. But it also gives a police officer more time.

Whether you’re pulling someone over or it’s a car crash. Have the app available.

DUI or someone else’s fault
Whether it’s mental health or minding your own business
Being detained

How do we give our police officers more time to make a better decision? How do we give our police officers training to Deescalate a situation?

Being able to understand which police officer you have could help determine the outcome?
The goal is for both parties to go home. We would like to reduce false arrest, profiling, police brutality and reduce police shootings. How can we do this?

Mental health – Police officers are not trained to handle mental ill patients.

Our health agents and supporters can help

Let’s start in the beginning with the app. Do you have to sign up and fill out information. If you do not have any mental health issues you continue on as normal. But if you do have mental health issues then you go through this process.


Provides Peer Supportive Services, Recovery Housing, Mental Health, Opioid Use, Substance Use, Alcohol Use, And/Or Gambling Addictions Disorders. Donate Here

Mental health form

Each patient will see a day counselor and a night counselor. This app is 24 hours a day seven days. We would like to take care of and provide the Service is needed when they are needed.

Checking vitals and asking questions

So if the police pull you over and you need some assistance you now can get it

Ambulance on its way

The rating system allows you to predict if you may need the services so that way they’re on their way.

Technology can assist in real time

Knowing the app and navigating its tools. Let’s unleash all the power of this computer right in our hand.

Educating yourself

Educating by video and classes go to the website and sign up. Or open up your app go to the menu and select education tutorials.

Medical assistant has arrived


Peer Recovery Supporters are community-based services for individuals with mental illness as substance use disorder; and consist of activities that promote recovery, self-determination, self-advocacy, well-being, and independence.

Peer Recovery Supporters are individualized recovery focused and based on a relationship that supports a person’s ability to promote their own recovery.

Peer Recovery Support promotes self-directed recovery by assistant an individual they promote trauma informed care and diversity competence encourage self-direction and advocate for informed choice.

Yes the emergency button could save your life

GoVia: Police Safety App – let this technology assist police officers and the community. Now your doctors, EMS paramedics and mental health support right there with you.

Medical technology meets @GoVia Safety App
We do not want our police nor our community killed for senseless issues that can be resolved with time and patience.
Do you have this app ready?
Let’s get the police the training they need – Govia
Wouldn’t you rather have a ticket then please brutality, please profiling or shot or killed?
Contact tracing and surveillance
Do you need help? GoVia Community Police Safety App can help.

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The Families United – social injustice and police brutality

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Visual Mapping Police Violence

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