Modernizing Police Encounters Safely with Community Resources and Crowdsourced Accountability

In the US, police stop 50,000 motorists per day.

Unfortunately, too often police encounters end in unwarranted arrests and trauma for the person or people who are being held, including fatal police involvement.

The pressure placed on law enforcement personnel to carry out their jobs safely in a matter of seconds has its own life-or-death ramifications, including accountability and openness.

Communities are looking for new ways to be safe and interact differently as a result of increased awareness about the unfairness of these encounters and the antiquated procedures involving both residents and law enforcement.

The government is distrusted by many Americans.

Additionally, the lack of trustworthiness among and between parties, including the police, contributes to our democracy’s growing division and divide.

According to research, communities have spent more than $3 billion on police misconduct.

GoVia is a police and community safety software created to modernize policing and offer safer options during a confrontation. Our app is a collection of tools that combine a warm touch and high-tech approach. One of the key components is:

  • Deployment of artificial intelligence-based sentiment analysis for individuals involved, allowing each person to assess emotional intensity and defusing a stressful scenario;
  • A profile evaluation system for police officers that is crowdsourced and encourages better accountability and openness;
  • Instantaneous, real-time access to professionals who are available for legal, mental health, and other community resources that would support both parties.

Additionally, the app will gather data that may be used by individuals, groups, and law enforcement to gauge and offer data that is supported by evidence.

Transparency and accountability in public services are possible with the use of this data.

The app encourages community members and police to engage in civic activity to effect genuine change.

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