Launch of our Revolutionary New App, GoVia

Dear GoVia Community,

I am thrilled to announce the launch of our revolutionary new app, GoVia: A Community Police Safety App. At GoVia, our mission is to modernize police encounters, ensuring safety and accountability while fostering trust and collaboration between law enforcement officers and the communities they serve.

We understand that the loss of a child is an unimaginable tragedy, and the subsequent legal battles and court proceedings can be emotionally and financially draining. That’s why we have developed GoVia as a proactive solution, aiming to prevent such heartbreaking incidents from occurring in the first place.

In our first phase, we are introducing a groundbreaking feature that allows community members to rate their experience after a police encounter. This simple yet powerful tool enables individuals to provide feedback on their interactions, shedding light on the commendable actions of hero police officers who go above and beyond their duties (we call “highlighting a Hero”).

Additionally, GoVia offers an avenue for constructive criticism, giving officers who may need improvement the opportunity to receive feedback and enhance their skills. By providing this platform, we strive to create a space for growth and betterment within the law enforcement community.

Our vision is to foster a strong bond between police officers and the communities they serve, transforming encounters from potentially tense situations into opportunities for positive engagement. GoVia is dedicated to promoting transparency, accountability, and safety for everyone involved.

With GoVia, we believe that we can reshape the narrative around law enforcement and address the challenges that communities face. By harnessing the power of technology, we aim to bridge the gap, empowering individuals to actively participate in the improvement of police conduct and the overall safety of their neighborhoods.

We invite you all to join us on this transformative journey. Together, we can create a safer, more inclusive society, where the invaluable lives of our children are protected, and the need for costly legal battles diminishes. Let us rally behind the hero police officers who demonstrate exemplary conduct and provide the necessary feedback to guide those who can learn and grow.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to building a brighter future together.


Georgio Sabino III

 CEO, GoVia Market Promotion and Branding

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