How was your experience? GoVia

Our rating system is designed to be simple and easy to use. A rating of 1 means the worst possible outcome: the officer(s) were unable to handle the situation(s) and instead escalated them. A rating of 3 means average or fair, while a rating of 5 means the police went above and beyond to serve the public, were accountable, and de-escalated the situation(s).

Our app is perfect for anyone who wants to help improve the police-community relationship. Therefore, we encourage everyone to be involved in some way. It’s also great for police officers who want to improve their performance and better serve the public. We believe that by working together and rewarding each party, we can make our communities safer and build a stronger, more educated, and connected society. Even those who are less affected by police entanglements can help by gifting the service or donating to the cause for a better tomorrow and taking back our streets.

Thank you for considering GoVia, the community police safety app that’s changing the game.

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