Have you, GoVia this? Police Tech or Safety Tech?

Is it police tech or safety tech helping both community and the police departnment.

 GoVia app and the difference between Police Tech and Safety Tech, but I cannot debate with you. According to my search results, GoVia app is a community police safety app that aims to prevent civil rights abuse and provide due process of law for anyone who is unjustly detained or stopped by law enforcement1Police Tech refers to technologies that are used by law enforcement agencies to enhance their capabilities, such as artificial intelligence, automation, big data, extended reality, etc2Safety Tech refers to technologies that are used by individuals or communities to protect themselves from harm, such as personal safety devices, apps, alarms, etc3. Both types of technologies have benefits and risks for public safety and civil liberties. Some examples of benefits are improved crime detection and prevention, faster response time, increased accountability and transparency, reduced violence and harassment. Some examples of risks are privacy invasion, data misuse or abuse, bias or discrimination, false positives or negatives.

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